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Форум / Общие темы / Rather than charging for more Rocket League Items

Rather than charging for more Rocket League Items
Some folks might find it a predatory practice to put microtransactions in an already paid game, implying that the companies that make said games are just hungry for your money. While that might be true in the case of EA, I’m inclined to disagree on the side of Psyonix and Rocket League. As a mere $20 game, Rocket League has been able to provide most, if not all, of its updates for free and in a steady, continuous stream. However, the money that Pysonix made from the folks that initially bought the game would run out eventually, adding to the fact that they still have employees to pay.

So what else is there? Rather than charging for more Rocket League Items , they opted for an optional route: Loot Crates. Purely cosmetic and for fun, the stuff in these crates are just folks that want to spend a little bit of extra cash on the chance of a fancier hat or souped-up mags. Loot crates, in no way, impact your actual gameplay performance and are generally kind in nature.
However, the “completionists” among us might object to this as it means that they can’t complete everything in the game without having to shell out extra cash. I agree with that sentiment, but the fact that you’re able to grind out seasonal crates just by playing makes the argument moot. There’s only the option to be able to test your RNG luck even more by buying the crates outright. Someone might get your beloved Voltaic wheels earlier than you. Whoop dee doo, Basil. This isn’t at all Pay-to-Win, but more of Pay-to-Gamble-More. You’re still going to wreck him in the next game, right? It’s not like he has an undue advantage because he can play Vader earlier.
Rocket League Items, 2020-07-22 04:07:02

Форум / Общие темы / Rather than charging for more Rocket League Items

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